Chicago Tribune

….like a jam session between Ian Anderson and Thelonius Monk.

Berliner Morgenpost

What he manages to produce on his wooden flute is sensational.


He actually created a new musical genre.

Howard Rovics

His work on the Kaval was nothing short of pure genius.

Theodosii Spassov by Josef Woodard

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The world, so goes the cliché, is getting smaller, but the cultural possibilities are getting larger. So hearing Theodosii Spassov’s merger of traditional Bulgarian music and jazz may be disarming, but hardly shocking. It’s a sign and sound of the times. Spassov has been working on the accord between… read more
Josef Woodard

Chris Nickson

...Spassov sounds like the late flutist and saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk Except Spassov plays a simple, rural shepherd’s flute.